Book Keeping & Spirituality!

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Interestingly I find lot of similarity between double entry book keeping system & spirituality! No I am not insane. This may sound funny but yes I do sincerely think there is a strong relationship between the two in terms of the logic!

Here is why…

1) Double Entry Book Keeping System (used as an acronym BK henceforth) says that there are two parts of every transaction: Source of Funds & Application of Funds.

Spirituality also says that for every action there is a reaction!


2) BK says that the moment anything accrues we need to immediately show it in the books no matter whether we settle it in cash or not!

Spirituality says that the effects of our actions (Karma) get immediately booked against our name no matter whether we actually settle the same or not!


3) In BK when we pay cash we either consume some benefits (e.g. electricity, telephone, salaries etc) or we create assets for future use.

Spirituality says that each sacrifice either reaps instant benefits which we consume (expenses) or creates long term fortunes (assets).


4) In BK when the business makes profit it ultimately belongs to the owner & hence is added to the capital. Business & the owner are two different things.

In spirituality whatever good work happens (similar to profit) in our life, it ultimately belongs to the creator of our life! You may name it as GOD! If we perform badly (similar to losses) it is a drain on the energy of that creator. So the body (similar to business) & its soul (similar to the owner of business) are 2 different things. Hence it is all the more necessary that we observe the highest ethical standards in our behaviour because whatever we do in our life (business), ultimately GOD (owner) gets affected.


5) In BK debit is equal to credit.

In Spirituality also the life always tries to create balance. Hence in ancient times Rishis used to perform ‘Yadnya’ which was meant for making sacrifice so that in turn we would get equal benefits in return for the mankind!


6) In BK the true value of business lies in its net worth.

Isn’t that true in our life as well? After all what matters is the change that has happened within. Rest everything is simply ‘Borrowing’!


7) We have a Going Concern concept in BK. It means we assume that the business will go on forever even if it might so happen that it may get wound up due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t we live our life as a Going Concern as if we are immortals even though the fact is that any unforeseen situation may wind up our life!


Subject of Book Keeping is thus truly fascinating! The more you delve into it the more exciting it becomes! Enrol for my webinar through on ‘Book Keeping Simplified Like Never Before’ scheduled for 11th July & explore the subject more!

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Anil Joshi

4 comments on “Book Keeping & Spirituality!

  1. Shashikala Natarajan

    Really true !!!!! It was fantastic sir…. I really loved it!!!! Thank you sir for relating our life with BK…..

  2. Shreeja Moolya

    This is really fantastic sir! Enjoyed a lot while reading this. I think each and evey student should read this once. Thank you so much sir for sharing this knowledge with us.

  3. Savita

    Well said Anil. Working midnights over proposals and costing, you have meshed the spirituality as well. Great going, keep sharing your enormous knowledge in the financial sphere. Would love to read your blogs on costing.

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